Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Snapshot and Too Many Dinosaur Movies

The dogs got groomed this week!

What I'm reading right this second:

Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah: Another day, another foodie book based on Julia Child.

And that's it! I finished Taste Test by Kelly Fiore last night and really enjoyed it, but I haven't decided what to read next.

Movies watched this past week:

There's a lot!

good ol freda
Good Ol' Freda, directed by Ryan White

The story of the Beatles told through the eyes of Freda Kelly, their secretary and fan club manager for eleven years. I found this documentary disappointing, although I did enjoy seeing the photographs from when the Beatles first started playing in The Cavern in Liverpool, and the anecdotes about John and George. Basically, everything is glossed over to the point where I got the feeling Freda didn't really know that much about the Beatles at all. I wish the filmmakers had done their due diligence and interrogated and investigated Freda's story more. It may be her history, but she's as unreliable as any other witness–she forgets things, she lies, and she refuses to share information, with the end result being that the movie was kinda boring. The only interesting thing I learned was that Brian Epstein's death was the real catalyst for the Beatles' breakup. The fact that the surviving members of the band weren't interviewed about Freda didn't lend the film much credibility, either.

I need that record
I Need That Record!, directed by Brendan Toller

About the "death" of record stores. Felt amateurish and was kinda boring. I fell asleep.

jurassic park
Jurassic Park, starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum

Prepping for Jurassic World. This movie feels a bit dated now, but it's still good entertainment.

the lost world jurassic park
The Lost World: Jurassic Park, starring Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, and Vince Vaughn

For some reason I thought that 1. I'd seen this movie before; and 2. it sucked. Neither are were true! The Lost World was actually really good. And whereas Jurassic Park had some hints of Godzilla-esque movie making, The Lost World was even more similar. Basically T-Rex=Godzilla in–was it Los Angeles? I also loved that Dr. Malcolm was the main character in this film. Steven Spielberg knows what's truly important in these movies.

jurassic park 3
Jurassic Park III, starring Sam Neill, Téa Leoni, William H. Macy

No Dr. Malcolm. Fell asleep.

jurassic world
Jurassic World, starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard

Better than I'd thought it'd be and pretty enjoyable, although it gave me a massive headache. Was it sexist? Mayyyybeeee a tad. I just have to say I'm glad dinosaurs are still extinct in real life because I would NOT survive. Also, how many times is this park going to go into chapter eleven before they give up?

Reviews in the queue:

I need to complain about Hearts of Fire IN GREAT DETAIL soon.

Theme of the week:

I was pleasantly busy this week, with three deadlines and lots to do setting up the website for the gun store (we're almost live). I'm also getting started on setting up my theme month for July at Book Bloggers International. The working title is "Blogging Without Words," about blogging on non-traditional platforms like Instagram and Tumblr. If interested, let me know!

Bonus: The Perfect Summer Cocktail of Your (My) Dreams

dreamy summer tonic

I had a dream this week where I spent a lot of time sorting through vintage glassware, and then I made this cocktail. It's gin, tonic water, and grapefruit juice.

Then I was watching The Best Bars In America, and one of the bartenders made a drink where he paired grapefruit with basil, so I decided to give that a try by muddling basil into the cocktail. Pretty damn good and refreshing! It needs a little something extra to give it bite (maybe lemon or jalapeño syrup?), but I'd say this is pretty much the perfect summer cocktail. Enjoy!

Have a great week, everyone!

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