Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bloggiesta Fall 2012


Olé my blogging peeps! This weekend (September 28-30) is Bloggiesta. Don't know what Bloggiesta is? It's a blogging fiesta. There are twitter parties, mini-challenges, prizes, cute little gifs with our mascot, Pedro, and fun to be had for all bloggers. I think it's safe to say Bloggiesta is probably my favorite internet event, even more so than the Readathon. I have my bottle of champagne and my tequila and I'm ready to go!

Here are my plans for this edition of Bloggiesta:
  • My most major task will be to create a page listing favorite/recommended drinks for my cocktail blog, Liquid Persuasion. I've been needing to do this forever.
  • I also need to change my feeds from FeedBurner (especially since I'm hosting a challenge to do that very thing, see here).
  • Do a few other mini-challenges that look interesting!
  • Maybe write some reviews and posts.
  • Participate in ALL the twitter parties (see the schedule at It's All About Books).
Do you want to participate in Bloggiesta? OF COURSE YOU DO! Just go to There's a Book to sign up.


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