Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Snapshot Ch-ch-changes

Currently reading:

Frommer's Ireland 2015 and Wouldn't It Be Deadly by DE Ireland.

Published this week:

I posted a review of The Rain-Girl by Herbert George Jenkins at The Project Gutenberg Project. If you enjoy historical romances with a dash of comedy, I recommend this one!

Subscription Vixen is going pretty well so far. I've posted four reviews and it seems like it's getting a positive response.

And don't forget to enter the Poldark and Handsome Blog Tour Giveaway! (As long as you live in the US, that is–blame Sourcebooks.)

Movies watched:

The DUFF, starring Mae Whitman and Robbie Amell

Everyone loves makeover movies, but their weakness lies in that fact that the guy really should have noticed the heroine *before* her transformation and loved her for more than her looks. The DUFF circumvents this problem by having the heroine fall in love with the "fairy godmother" character rather than her crush.

I thought this movie was pretty fun. My favorite line was, "When I was in high school in '90s, we didn't use emoticons, but actual facial expressions." 😂 Definitely want to read the book now.

Subscription boxes:

rocks box

I absolutely ADORE the Rocks Box I got this week. It's so Mad Men, the non-crazy fashion years. This has to be one of the best Rocks Boxes I've gotten so far. I also like the new box design.

As for Ipsy, the package arrived three days late and when it got here, it was open. One of the items that I had purchased in addition to the Glam Bag was missing and everything else was soaking wet. UGH. They're going to send me a replacement for the missing item, though their addendum, "Keep in mind that we sometimes run out of inventory, so your replacement may not be exactly the same as your original. Instead, you may receive a comparable (but still awesome) substitute," makes me a bit nervous. I don't want a substitute, I want the item I ordered!

Theme of the week:

This week my parents moved my grandpa into a nursing home (technically it's assisted living specifically for people with Alzheimer's and dementia). My mom and brother and I picked out a few mementos from his house we wanted to keep this week, and I think there are plans to go through stuff more thoroughly this week and try to sell items to help pay for the care facility. Anyway, it was pretty sad to think about how he'll never be in the house again.

In positive news, I'm going to Ireland in October (hence the reading of the Ireland guidebook). The owner of the gun shop invited me along with his family, and I'm not one to turn down opportunities to travel abroad. The only things I know about Ireland come from the Karen Marie Moning Fever books and the movie High Spirits, the realism of both of which is questionable, so if you have any recommendations for places to visit I'd love to hear them!


This is really cool. Have you ever wondered what a stroll through 18th-century Paris would be like? The Duchess of Devonshire shared this video created by a musicologist that incorporates not just visuals, but sound as well.

Have a great week!

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