Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday Snapshot for July 12

Did someone at ComiCon lose an Ewok? lol

Can you believe July is almost half over already? I feel like it just started. Did I sleep through a few weekends? Hm...

Currently reading:

The same as last week, although I did finish Pretty Baby (thank god).

Published this week:

I answered 20 bookish questions, which was kinda fun. Book Bloggers International's newsletter is now live, as well. You can view it and subscribe here.

Subscription boxes:

rocks box

Another week, another Rocks Box. I love the earrings in this one, but the necklaces don't do much for me. The Gorjana Crescent Plate in particular is just weird. I've tried to wear it several times and wind up taking it off and replacing it with something else.

Rocks Box is also having a "samples sale" this week of gently used jewelry. I bought the Perry Street Elise Earrings and the Margaret Elizabeth Teardrop Bangle in Black Druzy from my second Rocks Box. The earrings were $19, only a dollar less than I would have paid if I'd bought them with the box, but the bracelet was a freaking bargain–it retails for $88 and I would have had to pay $60. Instead I got it for $26. Not bad!

So, remember how last week I was saying that I was going to cut back on the clothing subscriptions because I was spending way too much money and blah blah blah?

ha ha no john watson

Yeahhhh. About two hours after I wrote that I was signing up for Le Tote. I think I need an intervention.

le tote

Anyway, Le Tote! It's pretty much like Rocks Box except it includes clothes. You take a style quiz, put items on your wishlist, and then you rent two accessories and three pieces of clothing for as long as you want, with an option to buy.

One thing I REALLY liked about Le Tote is that they let you preview the items before they send them, so you can switch pieces you don't want out for other items. You also get a lot of clothes for about $50/month, and you don't even have to clean them. Basically you can order a weekly wardrobe and send it back without ever having to do laundry! (Note to self: Attempt to see if this actually works.)

Theme of the week:

Thor's paw is finally better and the website I was working on is actually live, which seems like a miracle. Still, this week was kind of tough and stressful. I'm glad it's over.


subscription vixen

I need a new blog about as much as I need to go through TSA airport security wearing lace-up thigh-high boots, but yesterday I had a brilliant idea for the name of a subscription box blog: Subscription Vixen! I really couldn't pass it up. Luckily, I have enough previously written content to keep it going for a while. New posts start going up tomorrow!

Have a great week, everyone!

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