Hello! My name is Tasha, but you can call me heidenkind. A little bit about me as a blogger and reader:

Even before I learned how to read, I loved to look at my mom's books and imagine what stories were inside. Then I went to school, learned the alphabet, and ever since I've been obsessed with reading and writing. In 2005 I started channeling my writing into blogging, and in 2009 I began book blogging here at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books.

Currently I manage or co-manage way too many blogs. A few of them are Book Bloggers International, Project Gutenberg Project, Subscription Vixen, and Liquid Persuasion. When I'm not blogging, I design and manage websites and write for publications like Book Riot, ArtisSpectrum, and The Pueblo PULP, among others.

I have a master's degree in art history and a bachelor's degree in fine art and French.

What I read: I only rarely accept or request books for review consideration. My tastes are eclectic; I read romances, mysteries, graphic novels, young adult, sci-fi/fantasy, graphic novels, and non-fiction.

I love books with romantic elements and happy endings. Books set in Japan, Paris, or Venice are my weakness. I'm also a big fan of Sherlock and a foodie.

Here's some other things you should consider:
  • I hate prologues. I HATE them. And I especially hate prologues mislabeled "Chapter One."
  • The goal of this blog is to encourage critical engagement. If you can't handle criticism, you definitely should not send me your book. Or even publish it, really.
  • If your book is longer than 500 pages, please let me know in the review pitch.

**Before sending me a review request, please read my full disclosure statement, which addresses my review policies.

About Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books: The purpose of this blog is to entertain my fellow readers, discuss books I liked and didn't like (and why), critically analyze books and movies, and start discussions about art, publishing, and cultural issues. I only very occasionally talk about my personal life here.

My long-term goal for Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books is to promote romanticism, critical engagement with texts, and free thinking.

If you would like to contact me, please fill out my contact form or e-mail me!


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