Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Snapshot is Looking for Sherlockian Bloggers

I can haz plants?

Currently reading:

The same as last week, except I'm also reading The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy by Violet Blue, and I'll probably mainline the third volume of Alex + Ada tonight.


As promised, my review of Citizenfour went up this week.

Subscription boxes:

le tote

It was a slow week for subscription boxes. I just got a Le Tote box. While I liked the tribal pattern shirt on the model, for me I think it's a little too dark and heavy. I do love the skirt and the earrings, though!

The week in review:

This was the week for infuriating and perplexing computer problems. I've been getting rid of my unused and broken electronics (see: KonMari), and realized I could trade in my somewhat ancient netbook on Amazon for $40! Sounded like a great idea at first, but it took me two days and much cursing to get the hard drive wiped and Windows XP reinstalled. I'd forgotten what a son of a bitch Windows can be. I should have just removed the hard drive, buried it in my backyard, and taken the stupid netbook for recycling, BUT NO, I had to get $40 out of it.

Then my Mac was making me rage against the machine because I couldn't type out a single word without seeing the spinning rainbow ball of doom (and when you make your living writing, this is doubly problematic), so I had to figure out what was the heck was wrong with it. Fortunately, being a Mac, it basically fixed itself once I figured out how to restart in recovery mode.


sherlockian month

I'm putting together a Sherlockian month for Book Bloggers International in October. All Sherlock, all month! If you'd like to participate, email me at bookbloggersintl [at] gmail [dot] com.

Rock the long(er) weekend if you have it!

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