Sunday, November 29, 2015

Sunday Snapshot for the last weekend in November

Breakfast of champions.

Currently reading:

Cool Japan Guide by Abby Denson: Have to start planning my trip to Japan!


Last week I neglected to mention that I posted a review of the book and media streaming service, Playster, as well as photo-heavy post of a super cool new hostel in Tokyo designed just for book lovers.

Movies watched:

copenhagen movie poster
Copenhagen, starring Gethin Anthony and Frederikke Dahl Hansen

William is a truly rare breed: a Canadian who happens to be an asshole. He could move to New York to be among his true people (ha! Only kidding), but instead he travels to Copenhagen to find his long-lost grandfather. William doesn't have much luck until he befriends a waitress at his hotel, who reluctantly agrees to help him. I loved this movie. It's like a Danish version of Lost In Translation, where two people of different ages and backgrounds unexpectedly form a connection that skirts but never quite crosses into romance territory. As soon as it was over I wanted to watch it again! Definitely recommend this one to Lost In Translation fans or people who enjoy coming of age stories.

Subscription boxes:

rocks box

I haven't been taking pics of all my subscription boxes lately. Just not feeling it. The thrill is waning I suppose.

I did have a weird experience with this week's Le Tote: when I confirmed my box (they let you review your boxes and swap out items you don't want), it showed that I was receiving two sweaters, one cardigan, a bracelet and a handbag. What I got instead was one sweater, one cardigan, three pieces of jewelry, and a wispy short-sleeved top. A SHORT SLEEVED TOP IN NOVEMBER? It's 27 degrees outside right now, guys. Come on.

I was also meh about this week's Rocks Box. C'est la vie.

This week in heidenkindom:

Not a bad week by any means. Thanksgiving! I gained four pounds! Also my dad's birthday, which didn't help matters with the weight gain. I also had an exciting and fun new freelancing project this week that I really enjoyed. Yay new projects!


In keeping with the loose Japan theme this week, I thought this article from the New Yorker provided food for thought. It's widely stated that Japan has one of the two healthiest diets on the planet, light in grain and heavy in fish, fruit, protein, and veggies. But in fact, what we think of as the typical Japanese diet is the result of a very recent cultural shift. There's hope for 'Murica yet!

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