Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Beginner Bread Baker

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Trish from Love, Laughter, and a Touch of Insanity is hosting A Day in the Life once again! This is basically where you take one day in your life and share it with the world. To find out more, check out Trish's post here. You can also read my Day in the Life from 2015 here.

I decided to record yesterday, March 22nd. Mainly because it would be difficult to write about today since it isn't over yet.

9:30am-ish–Wake up. Check Accuweather, Twitter, Facebook, and email. Email contains a stressful response from a client and I resolve to never check email before coffee again.

9:45-10:15–Drink a liter of lemon water while reading in bed.

10:15–Get up. The dogs are very happy to see me! CUDDLES ALL AROUND YOU GUYS.


10:30-11–Brush my teeth, put in my contacts, moisturize, etc. etc.

11-11:30–Eat yogurt and drink coffee while watching America's Test Kitchen. Check to see what's on TV tonight... not much.

11:30–Pad back into the kitchen to check on my bread dough, which is rising in the fridge overnight. Someone has stacked other food on top of my bread!!! How can you have bread rising if there's stuff on top of it?!? I draw a grumpy cat on a sticky note to express my feels, but it winds up looking more like a dashing cat with a top hat. Oh well.

11:45–Check email, renew library books.

12:30–Goof around playing with the dogs some more. Mix up some apple cider vinegar rinse for my hair.

1pm–Shower time! Yesterday I got a new showerhead in the mail and this is the first time I get to try it out. It looks like this:


I did not like the previous showerhead because reasons. I am, admittedly, very picky about my showers. But I am very pleased with the water pressure in the new one. A++

1:15–More moisturizing (I live in a dry climate, people). Get dressed while listening to And Then There Were None on audiobook.

1:20-2pm–Pretty sure I did something in this time frame, but IDK what. I might have been trying to keep my mom from murdering the wireless printer.

2pm-ish–It's time for the bread to go in the oven! I set it to preheat and put a big pot in there (I'm following this recipe from The Kitchn).

Oh! I remember what I was doing before the bread now: looking up restaurants in Los Angeles to go to for my birthday. There are so many choices. Right now I have it narrowed down to three: SAAM in The Bazaar, The Little Door, and possibly The Stinking Rose.

2:15–Anyway, while I was in the shower, the gun shop owner texted me to let me know we got a website order I need to process. I get on the store's laptop to work on that and check the store's Facebook page, etc.

2:30-ish–My mom does not think the pot I picked out is appropriate for the oven. Have I mentioned that it took me literally two whole days to get to the point where the bread is ready to bake, not counting the week and a half I spent creating a starter? I do not want to be foiled in my quest this close to the finish line.

Fortunately, my mom's able to find a metal roasting pot (I don't know what these things are called; it's not a Dutch oven) from another century at the very very very back of the cabinet. Day: saved. I put it in the oven to warm up.

3:30ish–Done with the gun store work, so I switch gears and computers and get to work on the final draft of a blog post for Quirk Books while jumping up occasionally to check on the bread.

Another thing I bought this week, after YEARS of spiraling into rages trying to use Pages, is Microsoft Word. I don't love MS Word, but, to quote IAM JSON from Dear Author:

(AM I REALLY SAYING THIS???) it could be worse.

He's right, it could be Pages.

This is the first day I've had a chance to use Word, and I already feel like it's made my job 80% easier. Best $100 I've ever spent.

4:45–Submit post. Writing is the easy part; it's gathering together the pictures and citing everything that takes up the most time.

While I'm busy doing that, I forget to check the bread. OOooopsie. Run to the kitchen, where a slightly singed scent is wafting from the oven. Fortunately the bread is just a tad blackened and not burned. I take it out of the pot and set it to cool on a wire rack.


cookie monster waiting gif

4:50–Too hungry. Cut off slice of bread.

homemade sourdough bread

4:55–This is the greatest loaf of bread I've ever baked in my life! The crust is crackly, the inside is spongy and flavorful... Totally worth all the effort.

5pm–Back to work on artist profiles.

5:30pm–Realize I forgot to make an eye doctor appointment for the 57th day in a row.

6:30–Basically have all my work for the day finished. Toodle around on Facebook while looking up gifs.

7pm–Turn the computer off, grab my iPad and Kindle, and move out to the kitchen to mix a cocktail before settling on the couch.

7:30–Dinner! I use the bread to sop up the sauce from the chicken piccata, and it is delicious. Even my dad says all the work was worth it.

8-8:30–Do the dishes and mix another cocktail. Settle down with my iPad to peruse da blahgs.

9pm–Watch The Voice. Adam is so hot Tori Kelly can't stop flirting with him, not that I blame her.

9:45–Look up Sean Combs on Wikipedia. He dated Jennifer Lopez?!

10pm–Take out my contacts, get into PJs and do my nightly yoga while listening to more of And Then There Were None.

10:45pm–Tom Hiddleston on Kimmel. Hiddles McGriddles!

tom hiddleston boom pregnant
Ha! An oldie but a goodie.

11pm on–Not sure what we watched during this time. Maybe Full Frontal and The Daily Show?

1am–Bed time! I brush my teeth and give the dogs a cookie before going into my room and settling on my chaise lounge to read until I fall asleep.

This was a pretty unusual day in that I was so busy with bread baking, but otherwise it's pretty typical. I usually work somewhere between 11:30/12 until 7. I also just realized I skipped lunch! Yikes.

Thanks for hosting again, Trish. I can't wait to see what other people's days looked like.

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