Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest Post and Giveaway: NURSING SECOND CHANCES by Maggie Greene

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Today Maggie Greene, author of Nursing Second Chances, is here writing about the appeal of small-town romance and offering a giveaway basket! Go to the end of the post for giveaway information.

Why I Love Small Town Romances

I admit to being a city girl. I might have grown up in middle-of-nowhere Wyoming, but my dream was always to get out. At eighteen, I moved to Seattle for college and never looked back. Since then, I’ve lived in a couple big cities and can’t dream of living somewhere small again.

I’ll tell you a secret though. I love small town romances. There is something about the dynamics of a small town that are perfect for love stories. There is always lots of gossip, plenty of strange characters and a few surprises.

The best part, to me, is that everyone thinks they know everyone in a small town. That’s why love should be difficult to find. If you’ve already met everyone, then who’s left? Then one day, they run across that person they’ve never met before. The one didn’t know was in town. Maybe they just moved there or maybe they’ve been there all along, but either way there is an instant attraction. The only thing the author has to do is sit back and allow things to run their course.

**Why do you love small town romances?**


All right, time for the fun part. I’m having a large giveaway as part of my blog tour. Comments on each of the stops will count as an entry in the contest. Winners will be drawn on August 1st and will receive a gift basket from me complete with some book swag, bath products, and honey. For more details (and chances to enter), you can visit my blog ( Please make sure you leave an email address.
(I.e., comment on this post for a chance to win. Winners will be chosen and contacted by the author, not myself.)


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