Sunday, December 2, 2012

Virtual Advent: Favorite Not-Holiday Movies

scott pilgrim

Hello, everyone! It's time for this year's edition of Favorite Not-Holiday Movies. These are films I think of as necessary viewing during the holidays, even though they have very little (if anything) to do with the holidays. Be sure to check out my list of not-holiday movies from 2010 and 2011 if you need a refresher on the other films I consider my not-holiday favorites.

  • Hugo--This is a beautiful film about a little boy in Paris who finds a family and discovers an old toy maker's secrets. Although I had some issues with Hugo (review here), overall it was a delightful way to spend two hours, and definitely heart-warming enough for any not-holiday movie.
  • Dark Shadows--Barnabus Collins, a vampire, returns to the family mansion to battle his evil ex, the witch Angelique. I know this movie is painfully dumb, and it seriously has NOTHING to do with Christmas, but for some reason I really enjoy it and it gives me the warm fuzzies. Maybe I just have a thing for Johnny Depp in make-up, who knows.
  • Scott Pilgrim vs the World--I wouldn't have called this a not-holiday movie last year, even though I really love it; but I've been feeling the need to watch it lately, which automatically qualifies it as being a "holiday" movie in my book. Basically it's about Scott Pilgrim, who has an awesome life, is 23 years old, and falls in love with a woman named Ramona. But to keep dating her, he has to battle her seven evil exes. It's totally hip.
  • Inception--Is there a more Christmasy movie than this labyrinthine mind fest of twisty turns? If there is, I can't think of one! Leonardo di Caprio plays a thief who descends into dreams to steal people's idears (my review here).
  • Casino Royale--You guys knew I couldn't have a not-holiday movie list without a few shootings and car chases, right? Plus Daniel Craig... rowl. And he's in a suit, so that's practically thisclose to getting dressed up for a holiday party.
Now it's your turn! What are some of your favorite not-holiday movies?

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