Hello! My name is Tasha, but you can call me heidenkind. A little bit about me as a blogger and reader:

Even before I learned how to read, I loved to look at my mom's books and imagine what stories were inside. Then I went to school, learned the alphabet, and ever since I've been obsessed with reading and writing. In 2005 I started channeling my writing into blogging, and in 2009 I began book blogging here at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books.

Currently I'm a freelance writer and regular contributor to Book Riot, Food Riot, the Pueblo PULP, Top5.com, OpposingViews.com, History Colorado, and Femnista, among other publications.

What I read: I really only like books with romantic themes, no matter what genre they fall into. Right now I'm very interested in romance (contemporary and historical) and mystery (cozy, historical and contemporary, NOT thrillers or hard-boiled detective stories). I will also accept fantasy and sci-fi novels as long as they have strong romantic elements.

Genres I'm NOT currently accepting: UF, YA and NA.

I also read non-fiction related to art, antiquities, and women's history.

I am a sucker for any book with the words Paris, Riddle, or Labyrinth in the title.

Here's some other things you should consider:

  • I hate prologues. I HATE them. And I especially hate prologues mislabeled "Chapter One." Immediate DNF.
  • The goal of this blog is to encourage critical engagement. If you can't handle criticism, you definitely should not send me your book. Or even publish it, really.
  • Long novels aren't my favorite thing. If your book is longer than 500 pages, please let me know in the review pitch.

**Before sending me a review request, please read my full disclosure statement, which addresses my review policies.

About Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books: The purpose of this blog is to entertain my fellow readers, discuss books I liked and didn't like (and why), critically analyze books and movies, and start discussions about art, publishing, and cultural issues. I only very occasionally talk about my personal life here.

My long-term goal for Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Books is to promote romanticism, critical engagement with texts, and free thinking.

If you would like to contact me, please fill out my contact form or e-mail me!


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