Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bookish Survey

Book Corner Wednesday | buckeyegirl31's Xanga Site - Weblog

What can I say... I really, really like books. I can't stop talking about them. So I love pointless quizes about what I love about books! Buckeyegirl31 pointed me to Booking Through Thursday (which, from what I've seen so far, looks like a really great website for you bibliophiles) and their book survey.

Hardcover? Or paperback?

Paperbacks are cheaper and much easier to carry around, so I prefer paperbacks. That being said, if I really like a book, I'll generally spend the money to re-buy it in hardcover.

Illustrations? Or just text?

Ha. Illustrations are way too distracting for me. When a book has illustrations, I spend most of my time staring at them and not reading. So I suppose I would prefer a book without illustrations… unless it's an art history book we're talking about, then I want as many illustrations as humanly possible.

First editions? Or you don't care?

This kind of thing isn't really on my radar, although I do really love old books. But I can look at them in a library. lol ;-)

Signed by the author? Or not?

Oooh, I love getting books signed by authors! It doesn't happen very often because, you know, I live in the middle of nowheres; but talking to writers is fun.


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