Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Angelic Links

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Naturally, as soon as I posted my last angelic links post, I found more links!  So here are more links to tickle your angel fancy:

  • Want another chance to win Fallen by Lauren Kate?  You can enter at Pure Imagination.  The giveaway ends November 25th.
  • I can't review every angel-related book for my project, but here are two great reviews of books I wish I could/did read:  The Vinter's Luck by Elizabeth Knox at Stella Matutina, and A Madness of Angels (Or, the Resurrection of Matthew Swift) by Kate Griffin (Griffin! coincidence?) at Once Upon a Bookshelf
  • Who else besides me is cashing in on the whole vampires-are-the-new-angels thing?  Self-described horror writer Lia Scott Price, who has a new series out called The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel (TM) Diaries.  My big question:  but is there a dog?
  • Finally, do you have a burning itch to write your own angelic tale?  QueeredFiction has an open call for submissions for "An urban contemporary fantasy anthology featuring queer angels of all shades and hues."  GLBT angels?  Considering angels are asexual, I don't know about this... but hey, at least they won't all be white guys right?  One can only hope.
That's all your links for this week!  Hopefully I'll be back next week with more angel book reviews--especially since the month is almost over.

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