Saturday, February 9, 2013

The First Rule of Currently Reading is Don't Talk About What You're Currently Reading

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Has this ever happened to you:

You start a book, and you're really enjoying it. Soon someone asks you about it, and you're all like, "Yeah, I'm really liking this book so far! Blah blah blah."

No sooner do you go to pick up the book again than you realize you're not enjoying it anymore. In fact, you hate the book! It's boring and you're going to DNF it!

Sometimes I really think reading books is like being in a relationship (I come up with a lot of relationship metaphors). And one of the most important rules of a relationship is don't blab about your relationship, and especially don't blab about how AWESOME your relationship is. I swear every celebrity couple I've seen do this has gotten a divorce. Do you ever see Tom Hanks discussing his marriage? No, and he's still married. Meanwhile, Heidi Klum and Seal went on Oprah to brag about how they're the perfect couple, and now they're divorced. Sure, that's random anecdotal evidence, but still.

Aside from the don't blab about your relationship rule, saying how much you're enjoying a book when you've only just started it is kind of like inviting Murphy's Law of Book Reading into your life. I never talk about the books I'm writing until I'm completely done with them for this very reason. Why don't I follow that rule with books I'm reading? Maybe I should. Maybe I should create a secret laboratory where I read books and don't tell anyone what I think about them until I'm finished. HAHA like that's going to happen. Still, it might be a good idea.

Do you like to talk about what you're currently reading?

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