Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bloggiesta Finish Line

bloggiesta finish line

Well, peeps, it's Sunday evening and I'm ready to curl up with a cocktail and watch Revenge. I only had a day to work on Bloggiesta, but all my goals were accomplished. Here's a summary:

  • Write reviews for Weak at the Knees and Kindness Goes Unpunished. Done! You know that feeling where you're like, "Idk what to say about this book," and an hour later you've written 1,000 words about it? Yeah.
  • Complete a few minichallenges (I actually finished 2 on Friday night even though I hadn't officially started Bloggiesta-ing yet). Done! I complete The Book Vixen's IFTTT challenge and another challenge. Unfortch I can't remember it was. Trust me?
  • Participate in Sunday's Twitter chat (#bloggiesta if you want to join in). Done! I was a little late but I made it.

I didn't get as much work done on my blog this Bloggiesta as I wanted to, but then again I never do. I did get what needed to be done, though, so yay!

Thanks to the organizers and mini-challenge hosts for another great Bloggiesta!

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