Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Snapshot for the Last Sunday of June *sadface*


What I'm reading right now:

Just Like the Movies by Kelly Fiore: After liking Taste Test, I decided to give this book a try even though the premise is undeniably silly. Slow start so far.

Movies watched this past week:

antarctica a year on ice
Antarctica: A Year On Ice, directed by Anthony Powell

This documentary had me from the get-go with the absolutely gorgeous cinematography capturing Antarctica's landscape. But what kept me engaged were the "winter people," the small group essentially trapped at base over the winter, and the extreme environment they face. Could you spend four months without seeing even a sliver of the sun? I couldn't. Or how about things you take for granted, like smell? In a place where nothing grows except some few very hardy microbes, there's nothing to smell! For some reason this movie made me really emotional–maybe it was the way Antarctica made the people who lived there crazy, yet they always missed it once they returned to civilization. You don't know what you got till it's gone, as Joni Mitchell would say. Fascinating, beautiful, and highly recommended!

bye bye birdie
Bye Bye Birdie, starring Dick van Dyke, Janet Leigh, and Ann-Margaret

Kind of a weird movie. On one hand it felt like the teenage girls had a lot more agency than in most movies and TV shows today; on the other hand it hardly passes the Bechdel Test. But anyway, I fell asleep. At least now I know where my parents' "What's the story, morning glory?" phrase came from.

ICYMI, books reviewed this week:

I posted a review of The Ladies' Paradise by Emile Zola over at The Project Gutenberg Project. Warning: ranting to be had.

Subscription boxes:

wantable box

I tried out a new box service called Wantable, and so far I'm really pleased with it! They have different monthly subscriptions focusing on fashion accessories, makeup, intimates, fitness clothing, and style edits (which are basically the same as Stitch Fix). I went with the intimates collection because since I KonMari'd my closet, I don't have enough pajamas, and the ones I do have are on their last legs. So to speak. There was a quiz about my size, style preferences, and what sorts of items I wanted, and then I got my box lickety-split. I absolutely loved the items they sent and the price was very reasonable–$40 per box, less than $20 per item. Plus a $4 credit on the next box if I keep everything. I can't wait to get my next box! Definitely recommend this service.

Theme of the week:

This week did not make me feel like the hills were alive with the sound of music. Aside from the Wantable box, of course, it seemed like my wants and needs and that of the universe were not aligned. We took the dogs for a walk and something happened to Thor's paw. Now he's limping around everywhere. It's really pathetic. I've started calling him Limpy McLimperson. My brother said we should get him a doggy wheelchair. The vet can't see him until Monday, natch.

Then I had a phone interview, which seeeeems like a good thing, but the interviewer asked some questions that really pissed me the fuck off. It was pretty obvious the interviewer had never read my resume or my cover letter and was not into the interview at all. A complete waste of time and kind of an insult to me as a professional.

Oh, and I got a letter from Obamacare that some mysterious money I made during the last three months of 2014 (?)–yes, the year that was–apparently puts me over the income limit for medical assistance. Which is crazy because it's a very small amount. So next week I'll probably have to go down there and spend all day trying to sort that mess out, if it can even be sorted.


book riot chillin quarterly box

Not to harp on subscription boxes (I totally am), but two of Book Riot's Quarterly boxes are currently on sale for half off! One of them has a flask with Books + Booze printed on it! Or, if you don't drink, you can order the one with the books beanie (I kinda want that one, too, but I wanted the flask more).

Have a great week! Next week's the Fourth of July. Party party!

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