Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Snapshot – Everything is Strange

Hakone Open Air Museum, Japan

Currently Reading:

Real Food/Fake Food by Larry Olmstead: I don't recommend the audio on this one; the narrator sounds like he's constantly surprised and it's a little OTT. The book itself is good, though.

The Forgers by Bradford Morrow: Honestly, I haven't read more than a few paragraphs all week. Might be time to throw in the towel and start on something new.


red obsession documentary
Red Obsession, directed by David Roach and Warwick Ross

In recent years, the price of Bordeaux wines has skyrocketed, so much so that they've priced themselves out of the market–the US and European markets, that is. China, on the other hand, is Bordeaux mad, relentlessly seeking wine from the most famous Bordelais châteaux and willing to pay enormous prices for it. Why is China so obsessed with red wine and will the bubble ever burst?

An interesting documentary, although probably only worth watching for hardcore wine geeks. I learned that China is making wine now in the Gobi Desert! That's about all I have to say about it, though. I prefer Burgundy wines. And champagne.

doctor strange
Doctor Strange, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams

After a car accident, dashing and brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange starts to spiral. Without the use of his hands, he can't perform surgery and his life has no meaning. Then he hears about the Kamar-Taj, a mysterious place in Nepal (inhabited by what appears to be characters from Assassin's Creed), where he might find a magical cure. While he doesn't find a cure, he does find magic.

This movie has everything: A library, beards, flying, Benedict Cumberbatch with a weird American accent, magic, time travel, martial arts, moving buildings, a loyal cloak. It's trippy, dude. I'm really glad I didn't watch it in 3D because I would have probably thrown up. Anyway, Cumberbatch does a great job, as usual, and his cheekbones are amazing. I do wish someone other than Tilda Swinton had played the Ancient One, because her white Britishness does not add a lot of authenticity to this movie. To say the least. But other than that it was different and entertaining and I enjoyed it.

This week in heidenkindom:

I was going to say something about the election here, but I just don't have it in me right now. I think I need more time to process it. I actually predicted Trump would win, but I'm still recovering from the shock. Also, protip: Facebook is a trash fire.


Chrisbookarama has an excellent idea to devote the coming months to hygge (pronounced "hooga"), a Danish word meaning "cosiness." It involves creating a warm environment and enjoying the good things in life: food, alcohol, friends and family, more alcohol (I kid, maybe), hobbies, etc. This made me think of my favorite comfort reads and maybe having a go at rereading them this winter. Some of my favorite are:

...and a bunch of others. I'm also open to new comfort reads, so if you think of any I'd like, let me know in the comments!

Have a hygge week, everyone!

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