Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday Snapshot

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The Forgers by Bradford Morrow: The only book I bought in Japan.

The Heir by Kiera Cass: I wouldn't have thought I'd be at this point in the book and wondering who she'd choose, and yet I am.


Explore Jimbocho, Tokyo's bookselling district.


inferno movie
Inferno, starring Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones

Harvard University professor and symbologist! Robert Langdon is confuzzled when he wakes up in a Florence, Italy, hospital with blood all over hisself. Then a woman with a gun tries to break into his room and kill him, which leaves him only more confused. His only chance at figuring all this out is the beautiful young doctor who saves him, and a map of Dante's Inferno.

According the professional critics, this is "the best Dan Brown book to movie adaptation to date." Uh, I guess. If you like being bored. The movie was okay but it felt INSANELY long. The other two movies may not be "good," but at least one enjoys watching them. This one has no Paul Bettany and no Ewan McGregor, and the art/secret passages aspect was disappointingly small. Plus I could have done without either of the love stories–really did not care.

They did fix a lot of the problems in the book, but it was still lacking in any oomph or conviction. You can stand to wait for this one to come on cable, believe me.

This week in heidenkindom:

Another busy week, but full of fun things to do. Monday was Halloween, officially my least-favorite holiday, and I'm glad it's over. We did take the dogs for a walk in their costumes, though, so everyone could admire them. Calypso and Sofie were bad and good angels, respectively, and Thor was a dragon!

Thor really really hated his costume. It was hilarious.

Anyway, then on Tuesday my mom and I went to the zoo with one her friends and her friend's grandchildren. Fun fact about me: I LOVE zoos. It was beautiful fall day and we got a couple of good shots outside.

The cutest bunny ever.

This Sunday we also went to a holiday preview wine tasting, an event specifically designed to get you liquored up so you'll foolishly spend more money than you would otherwise. But if you can manage not to do that, the tasting is free, which is awesome. I tried a few interesting wines but I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the champagne wine tasting they have coming up.


I'm still looking for guest posts for Book Blogger International's December Food Fest! If you want to participate, email me at book bloggers intl at gmail, or hit me up on Twitter @heidenkind.

Have a great week!

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