Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Snapshot is Soooo Excited

"Never leave me again." -Sofie

I'm anticipating Sunday by a few hours this week because my mom and I are going on a winery tour tomorrow. AND THEN we're going to The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes! My level of excitement is currently hovering somewhere between Christmas and attending a Jane Austen convention where Colin Firth will be wandering around in a wet shirt.

But I'll tell you all about that *next* week. For now...

Currently reading:

A Kind of Grief by AD Scott: Found this in Barnes & Noble and was lured into trying it by the Scottish setting.


An article on the real-life Irene Adler over at Book Riot.

Movies watched since the last Sunday Snapshot:

spy poster
Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy

Anyone who knows me knows I love spy movies. I watched this on the plane from Dublin and really enjoyed it, although McCarthy seemed a little too spastic at times. Jonathan Statham was hilarious, and I liked Jude Law in the role of Smooth Spy Dude, even though his American accent was super dodgy and I saw the "twist" with his character coming from a continent away. Would not object to watching this one again.

the martian poster
The Martian, starring Matt Damon

There was soooooooooooo much science. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it, but it was also reallllly looong. I may have nodded off there toward the end. Like just get Damon on the spaceship and end the freaking movie already, Ridley Scott. I would like to read the book now, though.

I feel like I watched another movie in the last three-ish weeks, but I can't remember what it was. Hm.

Subscription boxes:

le tote

There was a Le Tote box waiting for me when I got back. It wasn't the greatest selection this time around, which is hardly surprising since I picked it out at seven in the morning using my phone. Anyway, I liked the purse and the owl earrings (even if I couldn't get them in my ears), but the other items were not my jam. The cardigan's pockets were sewn shut. WHO DOES THAT?


My second and last Glossybox was also waiting for me when I got back. Despite my issues with Glossybox's account policies, this box wasn't too hateful. The theme was France. I liked the lip gloss and nail polish, and the perfume stick was actually okay. Wound up tossing the skin care products because they contained fragrance, which makes me break out.

October's Ipsy Glam Bag was also okay, although: ANOTHER gold bag? Vomit. Anyway, I really love the matte lip gloss. I didn't expect to, but it smells divine and lasts a long time. I like the shade of the nail polish, but who the hell puts a round bottom on a nail polish bottle??? The tweezers seem random.

rocks box

Finally, my latest Rocks Box. The pavĂ© studs were insanely cute–I actually wound up keeping them. The bracelet, on the other hand, arrived missing multiple stones, which further reinforces my suspicion that this jewelry is not of the highest quality.

This week in heidenkindom:

I finally have a doctor, which is a relief. Now I can get sick without, like, dying in an emergency room.

The rest of the week was pretty low-key on my end. I have two articles about Ireland done so far and I'm shopping for a market for a third, possibly fourth.

Unfortunately, when things get a little slow like that, I get bored. And when I get bored I start thinking about all the stuff I "need," like a record player and records to play on the record player, and a hooded trench coat and new boots. I've been foolishly spending my not-really existent money, is what I'm saying here.


I was too exhausted to do much in the way of blog reading this week. But if you read an awesome post you'd think I'd like, feel free to link to it in the comments.

Oh, and did you know my friend Walker has a podcast where he discusses a whole bunch of geeky, fascinating stuff? You can check it out on iTunes or Podbean.

Have a great week!

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