Thursday, August 16, 2012

RomCom Title Mash-Up

from notting hill with love... actually

I heard about a book the other day titled From Notting Hill with Love... Actually. Now, I really know nothing about this novel and haven't read it, so it could be the greatest book published in history (or not); but here's what I do know: THAT IS THE LAZIEST TITLE EVER. Seriously, you're just going to cobble together successful romantic comedy titles and hope that sells? I could do the same in a flat minute. For example:

  • When Harry Met Kate & Leopold--In this time-traveling three-way, Harry meets a couple from the future and the past and discovers men and men and women and men and women and women can't be friends, because the sex is ALWAYS THERE.
  • Becoming Jane Wimbledon--A Regency miss becomes an unlikely tennis star, but her love life is complicated by the fact that she has to pick between two suitors: Laurence Fox and Paul Bettany. Aiiieeee! How will she possibly choose, especially since she can barely tell them apart? (Ooops, I forgot Becoming Jane wasn't a romantic comedy. Never mind.)
  • My Big Fat Wedding in Manhattan--A shy woman who's a wedding planner falls in love with a client who believes he's a Greek statue and refuses to wear a shirt.* Then they move to Manhattan and she gets a job as the most expensively-dressed hotel maid in the city, leading some to speculate that she's actually a pop singer.
  • Down with Liberty--The president's daughter falls in love with a star journalist; so to capture his attention, she moves to Europe, invents a new identity, and writes a sensational book suggesting men should do whatever women tell them to. But will the Secret Service discover her before the journalist realizes he's in love?
  • Four Weddings, an Abbey, & Me--In this Edwardian-set historomedy, the reluctant heir to an earldom is tired of attending his friends' weddings, especially since he's "unable to pass on the title," if you know what I mean. So he travels to America to attend college and falls in love with a career-minded waitress who teaches him how to slice cold cuts. If you know what I mean.
That took me five minutes tops, even with the typing. Plus you get the plots for free!

Your turn: What are some romantic comedy title mash-ups you can come up with?

*I think this is the actual plot of a Sherrilyn Kenyon novel.


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