Friday, August 31, 2012

What To Do With Your Disappearing Book

I saw a report on GalleyCat about a "new type of book" being released in Argentina called el libro que no puede esperar, or The Book That Can’t Wait (which makes it sound like it has continence issues). Basically, as soon as you open the book, the ink it's printed in starts disappearing. So you better read fast!

a book that can't wait
Picture of book actually disappearing.

This report got me thinking--what would I do with a hardcover book I paid a lot of money for once it turned blank? Here are some of my ideas:

  • Use it as a journal to record thoughts on the transience of life and the ephemeral nature of fame.
  • Mail it to the author with a sticky note that says, "Write me."
  • Turn it into a game! Rewrite the book from memory, then compare your version with your friends'. Winner gets to buy the next disappearing book.
  • Pour lemon juice on it, then hold the pages up to a candle flame to see if the words will reappear.
  • Pretend to read it on the subway to confuse the heck out of people. Bonus points for dressing like a hipster while doing this.
  • Loan it to a friend. See how long it takes them to notice the book is blank.
  • Try to return it using an outraged old man voice. "What kind of business are you people running here? *harumph harumph*"
  • Hollow the book out and use it as a safe for your disappearing monies.

What would you use your disappearing book for?


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