Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday Snapshot: April Showers

In Sunday Snapshot, I summarize my week in the thug life. Let me know how your week went in the comments!

What I'm reading this week:

Various deadlines forced me to pick up more books than I can really keep up with at once. I started The Trip: Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure and found it disappointing, and my expectations weren't even that high. I raced through an ARC of All For You, the next Laura Florand novel, and LOVED it. I wish I could just read Laura Florand novels constantly. After that, I kicked around different novels for few days and have finally settled on Undeclared by Jen Frederick, which Colette had to remind me I bought because it's by Jane Litte of Dear Author.

Movies watched this week:

Chef, starring Jon Favreau, Emjay Anthony, and John Leguizamo

This is actually a rewatch for me. Aside from the fact that I find it VERY difficult to believe Favreau has enough game to sleep with two of the sexiest women in Hollywood (Scarlett Johansson and SofĂ­a Vergara), it's a delightful movie about a man who discovers what's important to him and reconnects with his son during a road trip. There are a ton of fun cameos, too. Definitely recommend this one, especially if you're a foodie!

Reviews in the queue:

I'd like to write a more comprehensive review of The Imitation Game, but I'm not sure I'll have the time this week.

Evangeline's computer explodeded, so The Ladies' Paradise readalong–or the recapping of it, at least–is currently on hold until that gets fixed.

Reviews posted this week:

graphic novels about artists

I reviewed three graphic novels about artists over at Book Riot this week: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud, The Salon by Nick Bertozzi, and Kiki de Montparnasse by Catel and Bocquet.

I also posted a review of The Gold Bag over at The Project Gutenberg Project, which honestly was pretty terrible (the book, not my review–hopefully not, anyway).

Subscription boxes received this week:

ipsy glam bag

I got my Ipsy Glam Bag this week, and I love the bag itself. But there were some quality control issues this month: the lipstick case broke apart as soon as I opened it, and a friend on Instagram had the same problem. They also sent out an email about the eyelid primer having a green tinge to it (?). Mine didn't have that issue, but it's kind of a crappy primer anyway. It makes me look like I have the eyelids of a fifty year old.

I also got a Hello Fresh box. This is where they send you all the ingredients and recipes to make three meals, and you just have to chop the veggies and cook it. The owner of the gun shop had a coupon for it and offered to share. So far the meals have been really good. My brother actually had seconds, and my mom said, "We could maybe make this again sometime." Mikey likes it!

Theme of the week:

Mural in Lower Downtown Denver.

I'm not really sure where this week went. I went up to Denver with my mom again so she could visit with a friend from high school, and then we knocked around LoDo and Tattered Cover for a while. That was the highlight. I spent the rest of the week agonizing over an exhibition review and going through ATF background checks at the gun store looking for misplaced records. Fun times. I'm just glad I didn't get a papercut.


Dewey's Readathon is next/this week. I know I said that last week, but I was just really really anxious for it to start. Don't forget to sign up!

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