Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My Mom's Favorite Books

my mom's favorite books

I saw this on Sandy's blog, You've GOTTA Read This, last month and thought it would be a great way to annoy my mom pick up post material while I was on vacation. Basically, Sandy asked her mom what her favorite books were and then blogged about it. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

I have one favorite book. There are other books that I absolutely love, but I only have one favorite. Apparently, my mom is not like that. She seems to equate every book she's ever liked to "favorite." Let's take a look at what she listed and you'll see what I mean:

The Fairy Tale Book

Why my mom likes it: "It has nice stories." No elaboration.

My opinion: It has gorgeous illustrations, but the stories are weird. I've never made it through a single story in this book. The illustrations are kick-ass, though, so I can understand why she likes it.

Prayer Book

My mom didn't really explain why she likes this book, but I know this is one of the first books she got as a kid.

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

My mom said she likes this book about a woman who lives in an upside-down house because the woman "knew everything." Ah-ha! Apparently even in childhood my mom was a know-it-all. :P (Kidding... although she does like to know everything. Just saying.) Mrs. Piggle Wiggle gives children strange cures to make them stop their bad habits. I remember one cure very clearly--a little girl refused to take baths, so Mrs. Piggle Wiggle just left her alone until she was so caked in dirt she had radishes growing on her! That was kinda cool. Basically Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is like Super Nanny but with magic. And she was married to a pirate.

Lord of the Rings

Mom described these books as "the perfect story."

Mrs. Polifax by Dorothy Gilman

Mrs. Polifax is about a retired woman who decides she wants to join the FBI or CIA or something like that. Then she has a bunch of adventures with young, handsome men. :D My mom described Mrs. Polifax as a "strong, independent woman." I think she basically wants to be Mrs. Polifax. But then, who wouldn't?

Blue Deer books by Jamie Harrison

This is a series of mystery books that take place in Blue Deer, Montana. Mom says she likes the pathos of the main character. Don't ask me what that means.

Patriot's Dream by Barbara Michaels

She refuses to explain this one. But Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters is one of her favorite authors.

Harry Dresden Series

"Well, again you have the pathos of Harry, laced with humor, and it just draws you in." Uh-huh.

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull

This book is about a musician who has an affair with a fae prince, goes into faerie for some reason neither of us can remember, and then winds up with a phouka. My mom says she likes the book because it's a well-written story. No oaks were actually harmed during the course of the narrative.

So there you have it! Trying to get my mom to explain why she likes her favorite books was actually pretty fun, even if she didn't explain it in book blogger format. I would definitely recommend asking your mom what her favorite books are if your mom's a reader.

Do you know what your mom's favorite books are?

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