Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Angelic Links

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I haz been derelict in putting up my angelic links lately.  Since Angel Month is wrapping up quicker than you can spit (so to speak), I better get on the ball.

  • KMont at Lurv A La Mode has a great post on the appeal of supernatural creatures.  Although it's mostly about vampires, she does touch upon how angels in YA books all seem to be creepy jerks.  It's definitely given me something to think about for my concluding post.
  • Just in case you didn't know, angels are STILL the new thing in publishing.  It's nice that I'm staying current.
  • Aimee from My Fluttering Heart has a new challenge called Horns and Halos, where you can read all the angel or demon books you want!  Check it out (I also really like her challenge buttons).
  • The Story Siren reviews Evidence of Angels by Suza Scalora and Francesca Lia Block.  Not sure what it's about, but it has a brilliant cover.
  • as i was saying tackles Twilight and Hush, Hush in a head-to-head comparison.  It's not exactly a deeply probing review, but I found it interesting that it says both Edward and Patch wanted to kill the heroines in the books.  Sorry, but I do not find Patch's and Edward's actions comparable at all--Patch plotted to murder Nora for his own benefit; Edward was afraid he was going to kill Bella in a fit of vampiric hunger beyond his control, so he ran off into the forest.  Which one would you rather deal with?

Remember, kids, when you click on a link, an angel gets its wings.

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