Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ring In the New Year with Reading

New Years Readathon

What are you doing New Year's Eve?  If you said reading, then we are probably soul mates of some sort!  Kristen from Bookworming is hosting a New Year Read-a-thon.  Here are the details:

Starts: 5 pm on Thursday, December 31st
Ends: 10 pm on Sunday, January 3rd

can read as little or as much as you want! Also, I'm planning on having
a smaller event called Reading Into the New Year - where us bookworms
can read as it turns midnight! I will be posting the sign up for that
event next. Please partake in either or both!!!

So, to start
off. My goal is to read at least 24 hours. I'm going to see what books
I get through closer to the date and then post about the pile of books
I want to get through. As you're thinking about what books you want to
read, consider the following:

-Shorter books are easier to push through and you may want to include a few of those
-You don't have to read a crazy amount of hours - whatever you can fit in!
-This is a no stress readathon, so if you don't meet your goal - no big.
-Think about any new challenges your starting and what books are on those lists.

Since I'm starting a m/m challenge in January, I'm going to be working on those books.  Right after I finish Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James, that is, which is taking me a ridiculously long time to read (no fault of the book, I've just been very distracted playing with my new toy).  Realistically, I probably won't get much reading in because I'll be working, but I'm going to give it a go and see what happens.

Want to usher in the new year with reading?  There's still time to join!

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