Friday, June 4, 2010

Musical Notes

musical notes

After another loooong break, Musical Notes is back!  This is a weekly (or semi-weekly, as the case may be) feature on my blog where I share the music that provided a soundtrack for the books I've read recently.  It's been a few weeks, so there are several songs to discuss!

Cry Wolf

For some reason this song kept running through my head while I was reading Cry Wolf, a book about werewolves that takes place largely in the forest.  Can't you just see Bran singing this song?

Lonesome Dove

A western novel requires Western music, and I Ride an Old Paint is a classic!  This version isn't the best (that would be Michael Martin Murphy's), but you gotta love the video for the retroness.

The Making of a Duchess

Julien's family motto is "Ne Quittez Pas," never give up, which of course made me think of Ne Me Quitte Pas, don't leave me.  Okay, so they don't mean the same thing, but it's still a good song.


The Teeth do a lot of angsty songs about isolation and wanting to kill themselves (their words, not mine), and that seemed very appropriate to Meridian.  Well, perhaps very appropriate is stretching it....


I think Mac would like nothing better than a one-way ticket back to Georgia where everything could return to the way she knew it before.

What have you been reading and listening to lately?

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