Sunday, July 25, 2010

Musical Notes: Twice Bitten Edition!

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Musical Notes is a semi-regular feature here at Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books, where I talk about how my reading inspired what I listened to.  This last week I read Twice Bitten, and there was a lot of music I listened to that related to that book.  So let's get to it!

My Man

For some reason, this song kept running through my head during the first half of the book.  I don't think Merit is quite this bad when it comes to her relationship decisions... close, but then that's just me.

Hungry Eyes

This is for the lauded Chapter Eight.

Stalker stalkery stalk.

So What

Possibly one of the greatest break-up songs ever.  Merit definitely needed a dose of this in the middle of the book.

Caroline, No

I can't tell you why I picked out this song because it would be spoilerage, but I think it fits the end of the book for both the mood and the lyrics.

What have you been reading and listening to this week?

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