Thursday, July 22, 2010

~Odd~ Reads

books with odd titles

Odd Thomas
by Dean Koontz

The first in a series is a very well-written, funny, haunting, and spooky read that I really enjoyed.  Odd Thomas lives in small town as an unambitious fry cook; but his seemingly simple life hides the fact that he sees dead people.  When his companion, Elvis, starts warning of serious danger, Odd's life spirals into chaos as he tries to prevent a serial killer from harming the people in the town he loves.

Odds Against
by Dick Francis

The first in a mystery series by Dick Francis about a former jockey turned P.I.

Odd Girl Out
by Rachel Simmons

This just in: girls can be passive-aggressive!

From IndieBound: "When boys act out, get into fights, or become physically aggressive, we can't avoid noticing their bad behavior. But it is easy to miss the subtle signs of aggression in girls--the dirty looks, the taunting notes, or the exclusion from the group-that send girls home crying.

"In Odd Girl Out, Rachel Simmons focuses on these interactions and provides language for the indirect aggression that runs through the lives and friendships of girls. These exchanges take place within intimate circles--the importance of friends and the fear of losing them is key. Without the cultural consent to express their anger or to resolve their conflicts, girls express their aggression in covert but damaging ways. Every generation of women can tell stories of being bullied, but Odd Girl Out explores and explains these experiences for the first time."

Five Odd Honors
by Jane Lindskold

From IndieBound: "A story of betrayal and redemption, of bravery in the face of terror, and of loyalty and hatred that reach beyond the grave, Five Odd Honors continues Jane Lindskold’s stunning Breaking the Wall series."

Odd and the Frost Giants
by Neil Gaiman

This sounds like it might be really good.

From IndieBound: "In this inventive, short, yet perfectly formed novel inspired by traditional Norse mythology, Neil Gaiman takes readers on a wild and magical trip to the land of giants and gods and back. In a village in ancient Norway lives a boy named Odd, and he's had some very bad luck: His father perished in a Viking expedition; a tree fell on and shattered his leg; the endless freezing winter is making villagers dangerously grumpy. Out in the forest Odd encounters a bear, a fox, and an eagle—three creatures with a strange story to tell. Now Odd is forced on a stranger journey than he had imagined—a journey to save Asgard, city of the gods, from the Frost Giants who have invaded it. It's going to take a very special kind of twelve-year-old boy to outwit the Frost Giants, restore peace to the city of gods, and end the long winter. Someone cheerful and infuriating and clever . . . Someone just like Odd."

The Odds
by Kathleen George

From IndieBound: "The Homicide Department is upside down—Richard Christie is in the hospital, Artie Dolan is headed away on vacation, John Potocki’s life is falling apart, and Colleen Greer is so worried about her boss’s health, she can hardly think. A young boy in Pittsburgh’s North Side neighborhood dies of a suspicious overdose. The Narcotics police are working on tips and they draft Colleen and Potocki to help them. In this same neighborhood, four young kids have been abandoned and are living on their own. The Philips kids, brainy in school, are reluctant to compromise themselves. But they need cash. Connecting these people and their stories is Nick Banks, just out of prison and working off a debt to an old acquaintance involved in the drug trade. Nick is a charmer, a gentle fellow who’s had a lot of trouble in his life. One day he gives free food to the Philips kids, little guessing how connected their lives are about to become.  Kathleen George’s latest work pushes the edge—a spectacularly original crime novel."

Do you have any "Odd" books?

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