Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Princess and the Penis by RJ Silver

princess and penis cover

Princess Amalia is the sweetest princess in the world. Not only is she well-behaved and innocent, but she's unfailingly kind and she does good works to help the people of her kingdom. That's why, the king reasons, he has to keep her away from all men--to protect her. But one day a gigantic penis slips under his radar and wriggles its way into Amalia's bed.

When I saw this reviewed at Penelope's Romance Reviews, I was like, "No way is this good." But I downloaded it anyway because it was free. To my surprise, this book really was as good as Penelope said it was.

In this super-quick romance, The Penis goes from being a pain in Amalia's rump and her trying to get rid of it/him, to her thinking maybe it/he's not so bad after all, and finally to her escaping her boring fiance for "naps" with the penis. I never thought I'd root for a disembodied penis, but somehow Silver managed to imbue it/him with a heroic personality. There are also entertaining secondary characters, especially the Aunts.

Things I learned from this novella:
  • Don't try to keep your teenage children from dating penises.
  • Naps are good.
  • Always listen to Penelope.
  • Bigger is better.
With The Princess and the Penis, I was expecting something really... well, tawdry. Instead this is a fractured fairy tale that's definitely silly, but also surprisingly sweet. Add in a great ending and I think this is a short story every romance lover should add to their to-read list!

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