Thursday, February 3, 2011

Twist Your House Challenge

I haven't signed up for many challenges this year, but I couldn't resist It's Not What You Read But Where You Read It, hosted by iHeartMonster. The challenge is to read for one hour in each of the designated places:
  • A place in your house you've never read before
  • A place of commerce
  • Moving
  • Outdoors
  • A place you don't call home
  • Somewhere you probably shouldn't read
  • With another person
My New Year's resolution is to read for fun at least an hour every day, so this fit right in! I was also interested in the recording aspect of this challenge--at first I was planning on doing still photographs, but then I decided to play with time lapse recording and came up with the video you see here. I put the bench in front of my bedroom window when it started getting cold outside, for the express purpose of reading there, but I never did. It gets pretty chilly by the window with no sun (you can see me shivering a little in the video), and I'd really rather go out to a cafe to read anyway. But that will be another video.

If you want to sign up for the challenge, go to iHeartMonster's blog!


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