Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BBAW: Day in the Life of a Book Blogger

stop posting kitteh

Today's topic for Book Blogger Appreciation Week is, "What does book blogging mean to you?" Well, obviously there's the money and fame, but really I do it for the little people. KIDDING.

To me book blogging means:
  • Spend hours torturing myself writing posts trying to explain how I feel about a book.
  • Search Google for a fluff topic to write about in order to put off writing said reviews.
  • Agonize over which LOLcat to put in the fluff post.
  • Yell at Blogger for various reasons:
    • Their WYSIWYG editor, which only works properly about half the time.
    • Captcha on comments.
    • Pages that don't load correctly. Or at all.
  • Once that's finished, try to think of an opinion post to write in order to avoid writing reviews.
  • Give up, get a drink and go watch TV.
  • Visit other blogs. Also to avoid writing reviews.
  • Read about some great books on other blogs.
  • Order books from library.
  • Bite the bullet and write the review.
    • Edit review.
    • Reread review, edit it some more.
    • Realize more editing isn't going to help. Also: tired.
    • Publish review.
  • Try not to stare broodingly at e-mail waiting for comments.
  • Finally, GO READ MOAR BOOKS!
What a fun and relaxing hobby, eh? Okay, honestly I enjoy writing reviews (most of the time), and love reading about books on other blogs. I would do that even if I wasn't trying to avoid doing something else. In a word sentence, book blogging means sharing books and ideas about books with other people!

The stuff about Blogger is all true, though.


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