Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Day In the Life of a Blogger

a day in the life
So Trish's A Day In the Life event was yesterday and I COMPLETELY forgot about it until late last night when I started checking my blogs. Sorry about that, guys! I still really want to participate so I wrote a super-long, overly detailed post about my day on Friday, March 27th.

8:00am-Wake up from weird dreams. The dogs are having a bark fest because there's someone at the door. I can hear my dad shouting them back and then a woman starts talking. Uhg. I put in my earbuds and set my phone to a white noise app in the hope I can shut them out and go back to sleep.

9:00am-Wake up again, weird dreams again. My radio alarm's running and so is the white noise from my phone, since I forgot to set it for auto-off. I tug out the earbuds and check Accuweather, Twitter, Facebook, and email, in that order. Boring; no one's messaged me and email is all spam. I set the phone aside and let my mind wander while I listen to music.

9:12am-Dogs start scratching at the door.

9:17am-Decide to google Jackson Hole Vacation Rentals while I'm lying in bed. Was having a conversation on Twitter the other week about a MST blogger meet-up and now I really want to do it. Renting a house for a few days is surprisingly affordable!

cesar millan
The dogs are fans of Cesar Millan.
9:22am-Might as well get up. I put on my pajamas, open the bedroom door, and immediately have three dogs jumping all over me. I sit down and give them all kisses and cuddles. They run off into the living room and I follow them, noticing that 1) the TV's on, and 2) the remote's on the floor. Apparently the dogs turned on the TV in protest of being shushed earlier this morning. Not as strange as the time they set Cesar Millan: The Dog Whisperer to auto-record (this actually happened).

9:28am-I return the remote to the side table and the dogs present me with some toys wearing hopeful looks on their faces, so I toss the ball down the hallway a few times.

9:30am-There's a squirrel outside! OMG, a squirrel! I let the dogs out and fix myself my daily tonic of warm water and lemon juice. According to Facebook, this is supposed to be some sort of amazing cure-all, but so far it's only noticeably added 15 minutes to my morning routine.

9:45-10am-Drink lemon water and contemplate outdoor wildlife.

10-10:15am-Wash my face, brush my teeth, put in my contacts, moisturize, etc.

10:15-10:30am-Breakfast time! Once again, we're out of bread and I've forgotten to defrost the loaf of bread in the freezer. I'm super annoyed with myself, so I write myself a note to TAKE BREAD OUT OF FREEZER TO THAW. Will it work? Who knows. In any case, now I have to make myself an Evol breakfast sandwich since I don't have any bread to make toast. I also pop a Brooklyn Beans k-cup into the coffee maker.

10:30-11am-Eat my breakfast and drink coffee while watching the last half of Booze Traveler. Share a bit of my breakfast with the dogs. Browse through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Timehop.

11am-This is pretty early for me. I decide to spend more time on the phone.

11:15am-12:15pm-Take a shower, dress, do my hair and make-up. I'm planning to meet a guy for drinks after work, so I take extra time with my make-up, clothes, and hair, and put on the jewelry set from Rocks Box that I got. Fancy!

12:15-12:25pm-I grab my purse to go to work. Sofie starts barking because she knows I'm going to leave and she has to tell me things. My mom's awake and is opening the mail to find my grandpa's Discover statements for the last few years. They got these because his (former) caregivers are suspected of charging $11,000+ to his card without his knowledge or permission.

12:25-12:30pm-Time to leave for work! I can't get out of the driveway until my brother moves his car, however, something I only realize after trying to back out.

12:40-ish (??)-I get to the gun store where I work, carrying a gun my dad (a gunsmith) asked me to take back. There's a salad waiting for me at my desk so I settle in to eat. Meanwhile, the store's in chaos because they had a bunch of safes delivered. There are boxes taller than I am stacked the back.

12:50-2:30pm-I start digging into the puzzle of how to automate inventory on the store's new website, which I'm setting up. It involves FTP servers and spreadsheets and reinforces my opinion that Microsoft Office is a pain in the ass.

2:00pm-Two of the gun store employees are out delivering safes, so the owner asks me to help out in the store. I hit the used guns counter and there's a grumpy old guy and a younger guy both looking at guns. I ask them if they want to look at anything. The older guy looks at a Winchester shotgun and the younger guy looks at a SCCY pistol. Older guy is not happy with the shotgun. Then he complains about the price of shells. I'm like, shrug. I literally know nothing about shotgun shells. Nevertheless, older guy's gonna buy some shells and clay pigeons, so I refer him to the checkout counter.

I go over to help the younger guy. He's having a tough time making a decision because his desire to buy a gun is warring with his knowledge that his wife's going to go into a glare-a-thon if he buys another gun. His buddy stops by to help convince him he needs another gun.

2:30pm-Younger guy has decided he has enough cash on him to buy the pistol, which he believes will keep his wife from noticing he bought Another Gun. I get him started on his background check. His friend asks me about gun holsters, and I'm like, "I don't know." I'm like the gun store version of that guy who gave me a blank look at Barnes & Noble when I asked if they had any copies of The Casual Vacancy ON THE DAY IT WAS RELEASED. I will never complain about retail employees who don't know their product ever again.

3pm-The other employees are back from delivering safes, to I return to computer stuff. As I poke around the wholesaler's files, I wonder if automating via FTP uploads will actually save us any time. I need to pull back for a sec and reevaluate.

4:30-5pm-Delete sold inventory from the store's current website. I'm not updating new inventory right now since I'm focusing my energies on the new website.

5:45pm-The gun store owner reminds me it's time to go home and I can't sleep in the store.

5:50pm-Refresh my lipstick for my date before I leave.

5:55pm-Loaded up with a heck ton of guns for my dad to work on, I head to the bar to meet up with my date.

disappointment gif
6:00pm-Date's not there. I check Facebook and he's canceled on me to go to a party with his friends. I guess at least he let me know?

6:10pm-Back at home. I can tell my mom's out because her friend's car is parked out on the street and her car is gone. My dad is sitting with my grandpa out back. I cuddle the dogs while I tell my dad about my day at the gun store.

6:30pm-Go check my email.

7:00pm-Relax time! I am so hungry. My grandpa goes home and I munch on snacks while checking Twitter and letting Grimm play in the background (multitasking FTW). I only now realize I forgot about A Day In the Life even though I reminded myself to do it at least a dozen times.

7:10pm-My grandpa's new GPS tracker goes off. My dad can't figure out if he pushed a button wrong or if he actually needs help, so he goes to my grandpa's house to check on him.

7:30pm-My dad returns with the GPS tracker, which my grandpa cut off his wrist with a bread knife in under an hour. I'm impressed! I thought for sure it would take him at least two hours. My grandpa has Alzheimer's and the GPS tracker was the last resort my parents were willing to try before putting him in a nursing home. My dad is not happy.

7:45-8:10pm-Dinner! We're having grilled chicken thighs, fried noodles and potatoes, and green beans. I loooooove green beans. My dad has many feels about my grandpa.

8:10-8:20pm-I do the dishes.

8:25pm-I break a coupe glass. Bloody fantastic (literally, I cut myself at the base of my thumb when the glass broke and there's blood everywhere). This is the second antique glass I've smashed in two weeks. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

8:39pm-Nothing on TV. Start working on this post.

9:30pm-Dad objects to the opera/ballet I have playing the background. Understandable, actually-it's pretty boring. We watch Nashville On the Record instead.

10:30pm-Mom comes home. Dad's like, "Say nothing." She told him the GPS tracker wouldn't work.

11:07pm-Time to get in my pajamas, methinks.

11:30pm-Actually get up from the couch to get into my pajamas. Wash my face, take out my contacts, and do my nightly yoga while listening to an audiobook.

11:45pm-Really settle down to watch Grimm.

Sometime after 12:30am-Fall asleep on the couch.

3:30am-Wake up on the couch, surrounded by three black dogs. *cuddles*

4:00am-Get up, brush my teeth, go to my room and try to read for a bit.

4:50am-Nodding off. My brother's going to wake up soon, so I better get to sleep while I can. I get into bed, put in my earbuds, and set my white noise app to run for two hours. Fall asleep.

Wow, that was actually kind of a weird, depressing day now that I read over it, even though at the time it felt normal. This was an interesting exercise; I didn't realize I approach my days quite like this.

Thanks for hosting, Trish! I had fun reading over everyone's Day In the Life.

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