Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bloggiesta Final Update

bloggiesta finish

I won't really be done with Bloggiesta until tonight, but I thought I'd post my final update this morning afternoon.

Yesterday I didn't do much other than compile some list pages. Right now I have Art & Art History, Harry Potter, Jane Austen, and Vampires. I was thinking of adding Foodie posts, and possibly something else. Any ideas? Obviously I can't just do genres like a normal person, haha.

Today, though, I mainly want to focus on writing up some reviews and taking it easy. I am definitely blogged out right now, yo. If I never see another HTML code, it will be too soon.

Updated to-do list:
  • Link to my blog reviews on GoodReads. The real challenge will be remembering to keep this up.
  • Tackle Technorati. I'm STILL ignoring this one.
  • Find out why the FaceBook 'like' button on PGP isn't working. Tried it out last night and it works!
  • Get rid of the TBFB at the start of every post and "This work by..." in the summary. The meta description for the blog is showing up, yay! But the description for individual pages isn't showing up at all and I have no idea why. =/ Tried Blogger help and naturally that was a dead end.
  • Make page listings. I'm nearly done with this.
  • Social media buttons. They look a little boring to me, design-wise, but oh well. They work at least!
  • Get rid of gadgets in my sidebar. I got rid of a lot of gadgets after adding the social media buttons. Once I'm finished setting up the lists, I plan on deleting the tag clouds, too.
What do you think of the new social media buttons and pages? Any feedback is appreciated!


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