Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bloggiesta, Dias Dos


I think I am officially exhausting all my knowledge of Spanish during Bloggiesta.

Today is the second day of Bloggiesta, the blogging fiesta hosted by the wonderful Natasha of Maw Books. On day one I spent about four and a half hours (five and a half, if you count the count the hour after I said I was going to bed but stayed up going through the Bloggiesta RSS feed, instead) blogging. I didn't complete any of the minichallenges, although I got a start on the label challenge. Aaaaaaannd, I got a favicon! Wheeeee! I'm so proud of it. Isn't it bootiful?

My plans for today are once again pretty limited. I really do need to start going through my reader. And I would also like to finish up the label challenge and do the challenge where you highlight your best posts (that will fit in nicely with the label challenge).

I will also be DJ-ing Spanish music on twitter during the day. This is likely what will take up the majority of my time, as it is much more entertaining than going through labels.

Happy Bloggiesta, everyone!!!


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