Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mystery Readathon!

pile o nancy drew books Image by Lall

I'm pretty excited for this weekend's Mystery Readathon, which lasts from Saturday through Sunday.  Why?  Well, for once, I have the entire weekend off!  Hooray!  That means I can spend the entire weekend reading if I want.

What do I plan to read?  Seeing as how it's still M/M Month and I've yet only posted one m/m book review, I think I'm going to focus on that.  I bought the first two Adrien English mysteries by Josh Lanyon, and two books by Tere Michaels (they're about cops, so I figure they have to have some sort of mystery going on in them, right?).  If I get through those, there's always Silent in the Grave or a Laurie R. King mystery.

My goal is to read at least 12 hours, although 24 hours total would be awesome.

Want to join in?  Go to the Mystery Readathon website to sign up!

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