Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obligatory Mystery Readathon Wrap-Up

miss marple rulz

Well, the Mystery Readathon ended, um, Sunday.  I read for about eight hours and finished one book, Some Girls Bite (which I was actually already halfway through when the readathon started).  So... yikes!  Not much reading done. 

To be honest, I was feeling insanely tired of reading by Sunday.  I have obviously not been reading very much lately, no?  But on the plus side, once I started Josh Lanyon's Adrien English Mysteries, I felt myself getting a second wind.  Maybe I was just feeling a lag because I had finished Some Girls Bite and that's a pretty good book (stay tuned for a review on it and Friday Night Bites by me and Colette from A Buckeyegirl Reads).

I obviously need to go into some sort of reading training.  How am I going to go back to grad school and survive if I can't read for days on end?

The readathon itself was pretty quiet.  It seems like every time they have it, it gets more and more low-key.  Not much activity on twitter or blogging-wise.  This definitely gives one more opportunities to read, but isn't as much fun as the big Dewey's Readathon.  Oh, and someone realllllly needs to come up with a Mystery Readathon button (I suppose that will be me, since I'm the only one bothered by it ^_^).

So, that was my weekend.  Did you get any reading done in the last few days?

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