Monday, January 11, 2010

The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas

Today, in honor of M/M Month, the lovely Mandi from Smexy Books (who inspired the theme for January to begin with) is taking it one step further with a review of a m/m/m book, The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas*. And trust me when I say, this book sounds very very smexy:

the strongest shape

After his boyfriend breaks up with him, fashion photographer Caleb Moss finds himself alone in Los Angeles looking for work and friends. He finds both in a group of aspiring musicians, who offer help through their connections. But while building a strong friendship with Scott and Chris, a startling sexual tension flares to life among the three men, and Caleb is afraid the new friendships will fall apart.
It won't be easy for Caleb, trying to find his way when Scott and Chris invite him into their relationship. They face criticism from their friends, but they'll struggle to stay together because they have discovered a three-fold love.

I get many m/m recommendations from Jen at Well Reads and when I saw her review for The Strongest Shape and saw that it is a m/m/m that in her opinion is done quite well, I knew it was a book I had to read. I like reading a m/m/m to see how the dynamics of the relationship are going to work out. Will there be jealousy? Will one always feel left out? And we can’t forget, it is triple the pleasure in bed…..

Caleb, a fashion photographer has just
broke up with his boyfriend. He doesn’t know a lot of people in Los Angeles and finds himself very drunk at a club. The performer that night, Jason (a very heterosexual male), takes pity on him and drives him to his place and let’s him crash on his couch. The next morning Jason introduces him to a group of his friends, including Scott, another musician, whose boyfriend, Chris, is out of town at the moment. It doesn’t take long for Caleb and Scott to strike up a friendship, however, things become complicated when Chris gets back into town. Chris is extremely protective of Scott and wants Caleb out of the picture.

As they all start to tentatively hang out, Caleb grows on Chris and one drunken night, Caleb is allowed to watch as Scott and Chris get down and dirty. Although it is very awkward for all three of them in the next two weeks, Scott and Chris make a big decision – they want Caleb in their relationship, and not just to watch. They want him as a full-time partner.

The Strongest Shape
really does portray a m/m/m relationship that can work. In some other ménage books I have read, if one of the trio is not at home, the other two often take turns with each other. However, in this book, if one is not present, the other two wait. And with the nature of Caleb’s job, he is sometimes gone for weeks at a time. The first time he leaves he becomes very insecure because they did not discuss what would be happening between Chris and Scott. Caleb is so relieved to find out they are waiting, and when the time comes that they reunite, it is quite a smexy scene.

Because Scott and Chris already have an established relationship of four years, Caleb feels a little left out at some points. Scott and Chris always include him physically, but after being together for four years, Scott and Chris share looks and finish each other’s sentences and it takes Caleb awhile to get there.

It’s a fun relationship to read about – Chris is the alpha – extremely protective over
his boys” and marks them up good if he thinks someone has crossed the line. Scott is very submissive and is the “mom” of the relationship. Caleb is in the middle, maybe a little more dominant, but can take either role. He kind of just goes with the flow. I wanted to see a bit more spunk out of him, it sometimes felt he just glided along and did whatever Scott and Chris wanted him to do. I also would have liked to see the characters interacting more in their everyday lives, not just in the bedroom. The love scenes were hot and there was plenty of them, but maybe a glimpse into normal things they do during the day would have been beneficial.

The Strongest Shape is a solid m/m/m book and one that I recommend to any smutty heart out there.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Thanks to
Heidenkind for having me today!

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