Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mantitty and Cougars

Today is my birthday!  Since I'll be spending so much time stuffing my face with cake and tequila today (ha, yeah right), I asked King Mho Fho to guest blog for me (he will also be consuming sweets and alcohol, because I do share; but he is much more practiced at doing that and blogging than I am).  Mho is going to try to cheer me up about getting older with a post on mantitty.  Take it away, Mho!

When Heidenkind so graciously asked me, King Mho Fho the much beloved demon sheep mascot of Katiebabs at Babbling About Books, and More and all of blogging land, I said sure! I’m the best type of birthday gift any woman would want. *wiggles cute wooly behind*

You are all in for a treat because I will give you a taste of the day in the life of King Mho Fho and the wacky times I have with Katiebabs.

Setting: Katiebabs' bedroom filled with books to the point if one walks in the room one would smother under the avalanche if they fell.

Katiebabs: *Walks in with a handful of books* Hey Mho! You have to see the wonderful haul of books I got- *looks down at Mho in shock* What the heck are you doing? And what are you doing with all my prized books!?

Mho: *Surrounded by books that are thrown all over the floor. Also flexing his hooves and puffs out his chest* I am practicing my man titty romance cover skills.

Katiebabs: *Rolls eyes* What do you mean by man titty skills?

Mho: I have to make sure my chest is muscular and full of man titty goodness! I even took some pictures at Sears that I can send in to show these romance publishers that I am the next big thing. Move over Nathan Kamp! Mho Fho has arrived. Here take a look.

mho mantitty cover 1

mho mantitty cover 2

Katiebabs: *Grabs man titty cover shoot pictures and her mouth drops* Oh my god. There are no words to describe what I am seeing.

Mho: *Puffs out his chest even more* Aren’t I the sexiest thing you have ever seen? Since you are a cougar you should appreciate a fine young male like myself.

Katiebabs: *Begins to see red* Cougar? Hello, a cougar is a woman over forty who lusts after men half her age!!

Mho: You aren’t over forty?

Katiebabs: NO MHO!!

Mho: Chill babe. Well, you are a cougar in making then. You lust after Ryan Reynolds.

Katiebabs: Ryan Reynolds is my age.

Mho: How about George Clooney?

Katiebabs: George is older then me!

Mho: *rubs chin* Aha! What is this I keep hearing about you going on and on about the barely legal kid who plays Jacob in Twilight movies?

Katiebabs: *Face becomes red* Well… erm…..

Mho: *waddles over to KB* There, there my sweet KB. It will be our secret. But I have a surprise for you! I heard that the romance pubs are looking for female cover models also. Look what I made for you!

katiebabs cover

Katiebabs: *smacks head and mumbles* I need a drink…

Mho: Hey KB, where are you going? Why are you drinking straight from a bottle of Grey Goose? It’s not even noon yet! And I haven’t showed you the best cover of all! I’ve decided to change my name to Mho Fabio! *waddles after Katiebabs*

mho mantitty cover 3

Thanks Mho--I mean, Mho Fhabio!  That actually did cheer me up.  And, um, good luck with that new career. 

Don't worry, Katiebabs, you're not the only one who inappropriately lusts after teen Jacob:

heidenkind new moon cover

Bad, bad me.

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