Monday, September 13, 2010

BBAW--First Treasure

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Welcome to BBAW!  I'm so excited for Book Blogger Appreciation Week this year.

One of the nicest things about BBAW is giving a shout-out to your favorite blogs.  Today, we're being asked to share a great new blog we've discovered since BBAW last year.  But how can I pick only one?

Blogs I Discovered Because of BBAW 2009:

If you've participated in BBAW before, you know that it can seriously add to your reader.  Stella Matutina is a blog Meghan from Medieval Bookworm posted about, and focuses mainly on speculative fiction, though there is a lot of other genres mixed in.  Memory's posts are always lively and interesting.  My favorite is the "random thoughts" section of her reviews.

Love Romance Passion is another blog Meghan recommended that focuses on (as you can probably guess by the title) romance.  This blog has tons of content and great guest posts.

I'm not sure who recommend The Zen Leaf to me (it was probably Meghan), but this very smart blog is worth subscribing to just for the detailed analysis and comparison of Harry Potter books.  Amanda also reviews a wide variety of books like classics, general fiction, YA, mysteries--take your pick.

Bookphilia is written by a bookseller and English scholar, and the reviews can really blow your mind.  My favorite features, though, are the fun ones: I Interview Dead People (which I borrowed for my own blog), The Sarazens Head without New-gate, where Colleen tells us about her adventures in book selling; and Curious/Creepy, where we get to learn about books that have been spotted being read in public.

I also interviewed Melody from Melody's Reading Corner last year.  Her blog is great fun and she's a wonderful bloggy friend to have!

Other Blogs I've Found Since Then:

I've been wanting to gush about Hannah Stoneham's Book Blog for a long time--she reads mainly nonfiction books, and her reviews are always entertaining and intelligent. 

Slush Pile Hell
is a totally lol-worthy (and very popular because of it) peek into horrible query letters. 

I found Forgotten Bookmarks through Monica at The Bibliophilic Book Blog during her Bookmark Week, and it's quickly become one of my favorite book blogs evar!  I've even dreamed about it.  If you enjoy finding things in old books, you definitely have to follow this blog.

Promantica is a new, very thoughtful blog by a long-time romance writer/reader.  Magdalen doesn't necessarily write reviews, but she does have a lot to say about books and romance, and her posts are wonderful to read.

There are so many great book blogs out there that it's impossible to find and follow them all!  What's your favorite new discovery?

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