Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Sesame Street Library

I've been learning a lot about the library in Sesame Street this week.  First, Cass from Bonjour, Cass! recommended this Grover video in our BBAW interview; then Katiebabs posted an ode to the library this weekend where she featured a video with Cookie Monster in the same library.

This made me wonder what else I could learn about libraries from Sesame Street, other than 1. you must be quiet, and 2. there are no cookies.  So behold, my semi-scientific (i.e., what I did with my afternoon other than homework) survey of the Sesame Street library!

Lesson 3: the library is for everyone, even grouches.

La la la la la la la lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

Lesson 4: you can meet rock stars at the library!

Lesson 5: there are computers.

Naturally, since this video features Elmo, it's pretty lame.

That's right, Elmo. LAME.

What are your favorite library-related videos?

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