Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Mentalist: Why It's Starting To Annoy Me

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I have a particular weakness for mystery shows.  Love them!  Two years ago, The Mentalist was my absolute favorite show on TV.  But after a lackluster second season, and the third season premier this week, I'm starting to think this show is beyond ridiculous.

Why is every episode about rich people?

Honestly, it's bloody bizarre how every. single. episode has a rich person being murdered and/or the suspect.  I guess we're not supposed to be saddened by the bloodthirstiness of Californians because they're so rich?  Or maybe the writers just want to make the show more appealing to foreign markets who've already been conditioned to assume people in California are all wealthy after The O.C. and The Hills (I'm assuming the latter is set in California; I've never actually seen it).

Simon Baker's Wardrobe

Okay, first of all, this is California.  Looking professional doesn't require Oxfords, a jacket, vest, tie, long-sleeved dress shirt, and undershirt.  Why don't you put on a fedora and spats while you're at it?  And second of all, this is California!  I could see all the layers as a sensible fashion choice if you were based in San Francisco, but you go out to the middle of the desert in that getup?  I'm sure.

The emasculation of Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane isn't a "real boy."  He's an asexual Peter Pan zooming around the CBI office and playing tricks on the boring, grown-up pirates while Wendy (aka Lisbon) tries to reign him in.  He has no power (he doesn't even drive when Lisbon's around), drinks tea and dresses like a grandma (if said grandmother was a man, of course).  The only thing Jane (even his name is feminized) has going for him is his quest to seek revenge, bloody revenge! against Red John for killing his family, but that was taken away from him in season two, essentially emasculating the character and rendering him completely useless. 

And let's face it, he's never going to catch Red John.  The writers are going to draaaaag this on forever, because that's what TV writers do.

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