Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BBAW--Unexpected Treasure

midnight secretary

It's day three of BBAW and I'm already exhausted!  (Not necessarily because of BBAW though.)  ANYway, today we're asked to share a book or genre we tried because of the influence of another blogger.

I picked manga, mainly because I haven't talked about how I was introduced to it before.  My brother has read manga forever, so it was on my radar, but I have to admit I wrote it off as something that wasn't for me.  Mind, this was my brother, so the manga he read was all about fighting Pokemons.  I didn't have any exposure to any other form of manga, or even graphic novels.

Before I started book blogging, I used to read Smart Bitches Trashy Books.  Not religiously, but off and on.  One day they had a short post on a manga you could read online for free called Midnight Secretary.  They warned me my entire day would be sucked away reading it--oh, they warned me!  But I couldn't resist just giving it an itty bitty peek, especially as it was called "Harlequin: Presents crossed with manga and vampires."

Midnight Secretary is about a shy girl named Kaya who is very desirous of being the best secretary she can possibly be.  Anal retentive secretaries, unite!  She starts working at Touma corporation, only to be set up babysitting Director Kyouhei Touma, the playboy son of the company's founder.  He doesn't seem to do any work, just ferries women in and out of his office all night.  Hmmmmm.  Let's try that again:  hmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Eventually, the secretary finds out her boss isn't just a selfish playboy--he's a selfish playboy vampire!!! *gasp*

This manga is totally dumb and weird and enjoyable and I could not. stop. reading it!  After nineteen hours straight I finished and had to find other vampire romance mangas to read like right away!  Which is how I started on Vampire Knight (fabulous) and Rosario + Vampire (very fun).

So there you have it.  The Smart Bitches convinced me try manga and opened up a whole new format of reading to me, and it was definitely an unexpected treasure.

What books have you unexpectedly enjoyed that were recommended by another blogger?

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