Monday, June 15, 2009

True Blood: Art History Shout-Out!

Last night--well, this morning, actually, since I recorded it on the DVR--I watched True Blood for the first time. I enjoyed it. Some parts were a little draggy for me, but over all it was fun to watch. Although--is Sookie going to get angry at Bill every single episode? Because he was born 150 years ago and he's vampire, so I don't get how she could be shocked that he wouldn't tell her that he 1. changed a seventeen-year-old into a vampire, or 2. killed her uncle who apparently did something bad to her.

So, did anyone else notice the art historical shout-out that was in the episode??? When Sam (top pic at right) broke into Maryann Forrester's house when he was seventeen, he picked up an object like the one above, which is an Ancient Egyptian sculpture called The Bird Lady. Scholars think it depicts a goddess because it's so large, and because the features are anthropomorphic (half bird, half woman). Is this a clue as to what Forrester is and where she comes from? Considering Forrester had it in her house, I'd say Sam and Tara better watch out.

Here's a short video of the Egyptian curator at the Brooklyn Museum talking about The Bird Lady:

ETA: The Brooklyn Museum has a blog post about The Bird Lady in True Blood, too. Check it out!

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