Sunday, October 11, 2009

TSS: Lazy Sunday

The Sunday

An oldie but a goodie:  Lazy Sunday from SNL

I actually have this entire weekend off!  Can you believe it?  Since I don't have to inspect boats, this gives me time to chillax and think about things.  Like:

FTC Regulations

My parents subscribe to this magazine called Consumer Reports.  It's really expensive because they don't have any ads; that's so you know all the reviews in it are totally unbiased.  CR reviews everything from cars to actual stores; but you know what they don't review?  Books!  And art, and music, and movies.  That's because CR knows, where apparently the FTC doesn't, that reviews of these things are by their very nature biased opinions.  But hey, thanks for protecting the consumer, who also already knows that, FTC.  Next up: health care reform!

24-hour Read-a-thon

I noticed today that a lot people are posting what they plan to read during the 24-hour Read-a-thon.  I hadn't thought about doing this (I was just going to read... whatever), but then a post on the website suggesting strategies for the readathon (short books, light reading, etc.) got me to thinking about it.  Here is my list:

readathon stack
  • Short story by Tanith Lee in Winter Moon
  • Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh
  • The Fallen by Tom Sniegoski
  • Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James
  • Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton
  • Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier
  • Sabriel by Garth Nix
I doubt I'm going to read more books than that; but if I do, I have plenty to choose from!  All of the books are under 300 pages (except for the one by Singh), so hopefully they won't drag on me too much.  And hopefully I'll be able to read during work.  I'm working with someone that day whom I haven't met yet; I hope she's not a chatterbox and/or someone who will give me the howweirdareyou? look when I say, "Hey, I'm doing a 24-hour readathon this weekend.  Do I mind if I just read my book?"  Sigh.

What I read this week:
  • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown--It was okay, but not up to the standards of Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.  I was disappointed in the ending.
  • With Seduction in Mind by Laura Lee Guhrke (review pending)--As always, a satisfying romance from Guhrke.

An update on the art history challenge:

Colette from A Buckeye Girl Reads has her review up of Digging for the Truth:  One Man's Epic Journey by Josh Bernstein.  Colette thinks Bernstein is a whiner and that the book was bad.  Check it out!

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