Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Review: FAIRY CASANOVA by Gracen Miller

Sadie is lawyer who decides to treat herself with an anonymous hook-up in a Las Vegas brothel after she loses her job and her fiance in one day. Jace is the future king o'the fairies who wants to fulfill his dream of sexxxoring a human before being married to a fairy queen. Put these two in a hotel room and let convenient plot devices do their work.

This isn't the type of book I normally read at all. Did I buy it because the name Casanova was in the title? Because it was on sale for $2? Because I'd just drunk way too much and was really bored? MAYBE. However my purchase came about, this novella proved to be an edumacational experience.

Things I learned from this book:
  • Real women are curvaceous.
  • Fairy (read: fake) women are skinny. Like the bean poles, as they say.
  • Real women also give head. Which is something no self-respecting not-real woman would do. I mean, fairies! Fairy women!
  • Watch out for wing globules.
  • Also thigh humidity.
  • Osculate: verb. Def 1. Mathematics (of a curve or surface) touch (another curve or surface) so as to have a common tangent at the point of contact : [as adj. ] ( osculating) the plots have been drawn using osculating orbital elements. 2. Formal or humorous kiss.
  • "... thick, uncut and nestled in a bed of..." lettuce? Is this a penis or a piece of meat? You decide.
I wouldn't call this book "good," necessarily. It was completely silly and ridiculous and there some INSANELY cheesy lines. It was fun, but was it worth $2? The jury's still out on that one.


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