Saturday, May 8, 2010

TSS-The Evolution of a Reader

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There's a large diversity in the world of book blogging, and I'm not just talking about culture or taste--I'm talking about how long we've been reading.  Some of us have been reading since we were kids, but other book bloggers have only recently started enjoying books. 

When I read some blogs, it reminds me of how I used to read.  I've always loved it, but not always in the same way--which is why I try not to judge anyone for their attitude toward reading or book reviewing.

When I was a little kid, I never disliked any book.  I'm not sure it's accurate to say I particularly liked them, either--I just consumed them, one after the other, endlessly.  I would read two or three books a day during summers, and sometimes I would hit a dud; but for the most part I liked every book equally.

Then something happened when I became a teenager.  I started to definitely like and dislike books.  Or perhaps love and hate would be better terms.  The books I loved transported me to another place, made my heart pound and made me feel the heights of love or the depths of sorrow.  The books I hated were ones where I said to myself, "I could write a better book than this!"

As for the type of books I like, I've always been attracted to stories with romance and the supernatural.  I went through about a ten-year phase when all I read were romance novels, but I think I'm starting to hit the wall on that one.  Now I'm more laissez-faire, reading whatever comes my way.

I think some part of myself is always that teenager, though, searching for a book that will rock my world the way they did when I was hormonally imbalanced.  Because they haven't done that for a while.  Right now, most books are just okay--entertaining, momentary diversions.  I might believe that I've reverted to my childhood, when I didn't particularly like or dislike any book--except there are quite a few books I really don't like nowadays.  There are even times when I wonder if I will stop reading all together someday.  I hope that never happens--I don't know who I would be without books.  But it could happen.

But enough about me--has your reading gone through an evolution?  Where are you at right now?

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