Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Classics Month Meme: Overlooked Classics

classics month

After reading The Prisoner of Zenda last week, I started wonder about books like it that are often overlooked as classics--novels that can certainly fall into the classic category, but it seems like only a few people have read or even heard of.

With Prisoner, I believe that because it's a fun adventure novel, it's been deemed a "lesser classic." (Those exact words were actually used in the intro to the book.)  No, it's not the deepest book on the planet, but I think scholars and bloggers would have lots to do unraveling romantic symbolism and connections with Arthurian tales in the novel.

What are some classic novels you've enjoyed that you would consider unfairly neglected?  And why do you think people don't read them any more?  Answer in the comments or on your own site (be sure to leave a link if it's the latter)!

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