Sunday, March 7, 2010

TSS-Big Changes!

A song for you this Sunday Salon:

Now that it's March, I have Spring Fever, and I'm taking it out on my blog.  I've added pages, Intense Debate comments (which are awesome, btw--they were a little buggy at first, but their customer service rawks), a Facebook account just for the blog, and, in case you didn't notice, I changed the name of my blog!

I've been wanting to change it for a while now, to reflect the mix of books and art and different things here; and Friday I finally hit upon the perfect title.  So Heidenkind's Hideaway is now officially Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books.  I will still be Heidenkind both here and on twitter, however, so that's not changing, nor is the URL--just the name.

As for my reading lately, I'm still getting through Lorna Doone, slowly but surely, and am almost finished with Persuasion.  Who knew that book would take so long to read?  I think the problem is it required more concentration than I thought it would; and with Lorna requiring concentration, too, on the whole there was just way too much brainpower needed.  I seriously want a romance right now.

Are you getting Spring Fever yet?  What do you take it out on?

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