Monday, March 1, 2010

Top Signs Your Book Is a Classic

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  • You're dead.
  • Your book is over forty years old and still in print.
  • It's been made into a theater-release (movie or stage) adaptation at least twice.  All versions have famous actors.
  • It's been turned into a miniseries by the BBC (this version does not have to have famous actors, although they eventually become famous for wearing cravats and having sexy necks and brooding meins).
  • The only people who've read it are high school students and/or English majors.
  • Despite the fact that the novel is really a romance/science fiction/fantasy/adventure/mystery novel, you can find it in the literature section of the bookstore.
  • It's been mangled into an adaptation featuring zombies or vampires.
Hooray Classics Month!  What are some signs to look out for that tell you a novel is a classic?

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