Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bloodfever by Karen Marie Moning

bloodfever cover

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This is the second book in Moning's "Fever" series.  In the first book, Darkfever, MacKayla Lane came to Dublin to search for her sister's murderer, only to discover that all the things that go bump in the night actually exist--and are very dangerous.  In the second book, MacKayla gets into more trouble (predictably), more mysteries arise, and very few are solved, setting up everything perfectly for book three.

Now that I've thought about Bloodfever a bit, I've realized that not much really happens to affect the overall plot of the series during the course of this book.  Yet it feels very exciting and is a quick, compelling read.

While reading the first book, I found Mac to be a little annoying and overly angsty.  She still has that problem in this novel, but it's to a lesser extent.  Mac is becoming a darker, more dangerous person, and the limits to what she will and won't do are becoming severely blurred.  She's turning into Barrons, basically, which is actually quite funny and makes me wonder if she's rubbing off on Barrons the same way he's rubbing off on her.  Will we be seeing pink in his wardrobe selection in the future? (Please say yes!)

Although Barrons isn't in this novel any more than the first one, it feels like he has a much larger presence in Mac's life, even though she's much more able to take care of herself.  Of which I can only approve.  I don't know why or how, but at some point in this book I completely fell in love with Barrons.

The ending was seriously disgusting and made me want to throw up, but other than that this was a great, thoroughly enjoyable book.  I think it would be safe to say this one's an improvement over Darkfever, and I can only hope the Fever books keep getting better.

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